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About the institute

Dedicated work and professionalism

The determining factor of the company’s leadership in the domestic market of information technologies is the selfless work of a highly professional team of the best domestic specialists in the field of IT. The management of the company creates all the conditions for improving the qualifications of employees, obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional activity.

Innovative developments of the institute in the field of information technologies are protected by many state patents for inventions and copyright certificates. The qualifications of employees allow to develop the latest technologies and successfully apply them in the development of innovative software products.

The main areas of activity of the PIT Research Institute are

  • development, implementation and integration of software and hardware complexes and systems for the accumulation of significant volumes of data and their analysis;

  • automation of management of educational institutions;

  • implementation of complex information protection systems;

  • production of electronic documents about education.

The enterprise has its own powerful production base, which allows the production of plastic cards, printing on dense and heavy materials, as well as providing operational printing services.

Contribution to the development of national education

The Research Institute of Applied Information Technologies plays a key role in creating a unified information space in the field of domestic education. The specialists of the institute developed the State information and production system «EDUCATION», thanks to which it became possible to process, produce, store and reliably protect electronic documents about education issued by educational institutions of all levels.

In order to implement international educational and scientific projects aimed at improving the information infrastructure in Ukraine, in 2003, the Center for International Projects «Euroeducation» was opened at the Research Institute of PIT, which together with the UNESCO Department «Higher Technical Education, Applied System Analysis and Informatics» conducts an annual rating of the best higher education institutions «TOP-200 Ukraine» among universities of 3-4 accreditation level.

A training center was created on the basis of the institute, which provides high-quality training of specialists, effective use of software developments and fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation with educational institutions and education management bodies.


In an effort to take an active part in the implementation of state, city and regional programs in Ukraine, as well as investment projects on the creation of automated payment and accounting systems for goods and services provided on the territory of Ukraine, taking into account social benefits, including transport, the Research Institute of PIT joined the of the ASTEK consortium, which unites five leading domestic companies of manufacturers and developers of Ukrainian IT market products.

The Institute successfully cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, education management bodies of all levels, higher and secondary educational institutions of Ukraine, implements joint partnership programs with leading software manufacturers.
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