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Accredited Key Certification Authority

The main purpose of the Accredited Key Certification Center is the provision of electronic digital signature services and the formation of exclusively strengthened public key certificates for the purpose of giving legal force to electronic documents.

The accredited key certification center fulfilled all the necessary requirements of the current legislation in the field of electronic digital signature, received from the Central Certification Body Certificate of Accreditation and provides enhanced public key certificates, which allows the use of electronic digital signature technology in the state administration system, as well as in commercial and public sectors of the economy of Ukraine.

Services of the Key Certification Center:

  • providing users with reliable means of electronic digital signature;

  • assistance in generating public and private keys;

  • maintenance of key certificates (formation, blocking, renewal, cancellation);

  • providing information about valid, revoked and blocked public key certificates;

  • cryptographic protection of information transferred to open networks thanks to directional encryption;

  • fixing time.

The key certification center solves the following tasks:

  • acceleration of numerous commercial operations, reduction of volumes of accounting documentation, saving time of employees and costs of the enterprise related to the conclusion of contracts, execution of payment documents, provision of reports, etc.;

  • realization of safe storage of electronic documents and their exchange;

  • protection of information from distortion, unauthorized access, as well as making it impossible for any of the parties to refuse to sign an electronic document.

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