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Electronic digital signature

Electronic digital signature is a type of electronic signature obtained as a result of the cryptographic transformation of a set of electronic data, which makes it possible to confirm the integrity of the signature and identify the signer.

Using an electronic digital signature ensures:

  • Reliability
    A signed electronic document indicates that the signer knowingly signed it.

  • Prevent counterfeiting
    The presence of an electronic digital signature indicates that it was the signatory (and not another person) who signed the electronic document.

  • Unable to play
    It is not possible to transfer a ready electronic digital signature from one electronic document to another.

  • Immutability
    An electronic digital signature allows you to detect any modification of a signed electronic document.

  • Indisputability
    An electronic digital signature makes it impossible for the signer to withdraw from the fact of signing an electronic document.

Advantages of using an electronic digital signature:

  • ensures the protection of electronic documents;

  • is a means of creating and implementing electronic document flow;

  • can be used to organize secure interaction through computer networks.
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