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The research institute offers services for the production of plastic cards in accordance with international standards ISO/IEC 7810, ISO/IEC 7816, ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 10536 and their personalization.

The main advantages of the Institute’s services compared to competitors:

  • Own production
    The institute has its own powerful production base, which allows you to independently manufacture both ordinary plastic cards and electronic plastic cards with a chip module. In addition, the use of modern equipment makes it possible to print on dense and heavy materials and carry out operational printing.

  • Individual approach
    Employees of the production department individually approach each order, taking into account all the needs and wishes of the customer. This approach allows us to offer the optimal solution in terms of quality, terms and cost of card production.

  • A wide range of plastic cards by technology and purpose
    Banks, chains of restaurants and shops, sports clubs and beauty salons, schools and higher education institutions, insurance companies and medical institutions, etc. use plastic cards produced by the production unit of the PIT Research Institute.

A convincing argument is also the fact that it is the Research Institute of Applied Information Technologies that produces state-style plastic education documents (diplomas, presentation diplomas, and diploma supplements). Electronic student, student and school student tickets, which are also produced at the institute’s production facilities, not only identify a person, but also perform the functions of a bank card, room passes and provide the right to use social benefits.

Types of plastic cards by technology:

  • contact smart cards;

  • contactless cards of the Mifare and EM-Marine standard;

  • hybrid cards (cards with a contact and contactless interface);

  • cards without a digital information carrier;

  • cards with magnetic tape.

Types of plastic cards by purpose:

  • for educational institutions: electronic student, student and school student cards, documents on education of the state model;

  • for banking institutions;

  • for discount systems: club cards, loyalty cards for chains of stores, restaurants, etc.;

  • for access control systems: personalized plastic cards (identification cards, passes, social cards, reader tickets, etc.);

  • advertising and informational plastic cards: image business cards of organizations and individuals.

Plastic cards as a means of image identification

Production of plastic cards of the Research Institute of PIT allows the use of exclusive materials and technologies:

  • metallized paint, which gives a pearlescent shade to the surface of the card;

  • color magnetic strip;

  • a hologram produced in accordance with the customer’s corporate style;

  • matte or glossy lamination with the possibility of selective application to obtain the effect of a relief accent, etc.

Cards made using the above effects attract more attention and are remembered, which, in turn, contributes to the formation of a positive image of the Customer of plastic cards. Specialists of the production department of the institute help to choose the optimal set of special image elements that will harmonize with the design of the card as effectively as possible. The cost of image elements usually has a minor effect on the cost of manufacturing a plastic card.
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