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Project «Applicant»

The «Entrant» project was launched in 2009 and offers unique tests that allow graduates to:

  • prepare for external independent assessment online;

  • check the level of your knowledge;

  • solve unique test tasks of the external examination format.

Project «Applicant»There is a promotional offer, according to which students , whose schools use the information space «My Education», receive free access to two sets of tests on the portal «Applicant-2013». Students choose tests individually according to their own wishes.

A detailed description of the promotion is posted on the portal «Applicant-2013».

Tests are prepared for successful completion of external independent testing with the help of distance learning courses in 8 main subjects:

  • Ukrainian language and literature,

  • mathematics

  • history of Ukraine

  • geography

  • biology

  • physics

  • chemistry

  • English language

Professional methodologists have developed tests for you according to the requirements of the 2013 external examination program and taking into account the characteristics of the tests in the relevant subjects. The programs and characteristics of the tests are posted on the UTSOYAO website in the section Preparation for external examinations.

The results of the passed test are calculated automatically. All tasks contain detailed correct answers with explanations and justifications.

The distance learning course «Applicant» contains:

  • Diagnostic tests
    The tests cover the entire material of the subject and consist of 40-60 tasks depending on the subject. The test provides an opportunity to assess the level of knowledge, to identify topics to which special attention should be paid when preparing for an external independent assessment.

  • Thematic modules
    For the systematic study of the material, the course is divided into separate thematic modules, which contain a test, a module program (a detailed list of module topics and a list of literature for self-training.

  • Final test
    Covers all the material of the subject, consists of 40-60 tasks depending on the subject. The test is intended for the final test of knowledge of the subject before passing the external examination.

We do not offer tests from previous years, all tasks are relevant for graduates of the current year!

You can take online testing for free in demo mode, as well as purchase programs, after registering on the site of the «Applicant» project ".
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