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Electronic student ticket

Information and analytical system of accounting and reimbursement of benefits to students

The information and analytical system of accounting and reimbursement of benefits was developed by the Institute with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science and the National Bank of Ukraine on the basis of the state information and production system of the Institute of Education «Education» and the concept of spreading non-cash payments using special means of payment.

The National Bank of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine, companies developing software for system components, commercial banks and higher educational institutions of Ukraine are involved in the implementation of the project.

The system provides accounting and reimbursement of benefits granted to students of higher educational institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation and students of vocational and technical schools, based on a state-style electronic student card using modern technologies of the Education Institute and the National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP).

The electronic student/apprentice card is an element of the information and analytical system of accounting and reimbursement of benefits to students of higher educational institutions and students of vocational and technical schools. A built-in microprocessor (chip module) is used as an information carrier. This smart card makes it possible to use the student card as a payment tool and at the same time as a means of obtaining benefits on transport. The advantage of such an information and analytical system is the possibility of tracking the granted benefits and their reimbursement from the State Budget of Ukraine. Thanks to the use of modern means of data protection, the information in the chip module is reliably protected from forgery and violation of its integrity.

Personalized accounting of the benefits received by the student/pupil allows to calculate the debt of the state and local budgets, as well as to provide statistical reporting on the number of benefits by their types in terms of regions, time periods, suppliers or recipients.

The functioning of the system is ensured by the information and technical administrator of the «Osvita» IBS, which is the Scientific Research Institute. The reliability of the received information is guaranteed directly by the NSMEP payment organization.

The conclusions obtained during the pilot project give grounds for asserting that the system provides savings and effective targeted use of public funds allocated for compensation of benefits and commission costs for system maintenance and operation.

The system provides:

  • the automatic identification of the student by the ticket cashier when he receives a benefit;

  • control of student access to the territory of the educational institution or to its individual premises;

  • possibility of student access to the educational institution’s information resources in accordance with the received right of access;

  • reliable protection of the electronic student/pupil ticket against forgery or alteration;

  • operational blocking of further use of lost or stolen electronic student tickets;

  • increasing the amount of information entered in the electronic student card, including additional benefits;

  • extending the validity period of the electronic student/pupil ticket;

  • reduction of the cost of producing electronic student tickets at the expense of the bank issuing the payment cards;

  • automatic accounting of granted benefits when selling travel tickets to students;

  • reducing the costs of servicing cash operations and increasing the speed of funds circulation;

  • the operation of the mechanism of clear and transparent reimbursement of benefits, as well as shortening the period of receiving funds from the State Budget.

Samples of ESC:

Student card

Student card

Student card
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