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Project «Euroeducation»

The Euroeducation Center for International Projects was created in 2003 on the initiative and with the support of the Research Institute of Applied Information Technologies of the Cybernetics Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The mission of the Center is the implementation of the principles of international expertise and rating assessment activities of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, monitoring the quality of knowledge, development and implementation of international educational and scientific projects, programs and various activities aimed at improving the information infrastructure in Ukraine, development and implementation of the latest information technologies in educational institutions.

Areas of activity of the Center:

  • developing a system and carrying out diagnostics of the quality of knowledge of pupils, students and other categories of citizens according to the programs of educational institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries;

  • development of criteria and methods of comparing domestic curricula, levels of education, evaluation systems, quality criteria in education and foreign educational systems with the implementation of the principles of the Bologna process;

  • organization of national and international educational and scientific projects and programs;

  • providing consulting services in the field of education to individuals and legal entities in Ukraine and abroad;

  • promoting the creation of a modern information infrastructure in Ukraine with an extensive network of information connections and distributed data processing systems; development of information resources in the field of education, their integration into the European and world space;

  • development of educational projects and programs for state, governmental and non-governmental structures in Ukraine, as well as for international and foreign organizations; their implementation.

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