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The automated system of personal identification in society and the state is becoming an indispensable attribute of the administrative functioning of civilized countries. Basic information about a person in any identification system is personal information: surname, first name, patronymic, date and place of birth, photo.

At the stage of formation of the unified information space of Ukraine, it becomes necessary to implement a unified general system of documentary support for citizens, based on an integral combination of the information system of data accounting and the system of document production. According to the Law «On Education», obtaining a basic education is mandatory for all citizens, therefore, the system that provides for entering a citizen’s personal data with a digital photo into the database should become the basis for assigning an individual identification tax number in agreement with the State Tax Administration.

Such a multifunctional information and production system for collecting and recording data about individuals and their documentary support was developed by the Institute of Cybernetics and CJSC «Research Institute of Applied Information Technologies» of the Cybernetics Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

To date, the infrastructure has already been created and is successfully functioning, which ensures the collection of primary data and covers the entire territory of Ukraine up to the district level.

The main goals of the creation of the «OSVITA» IVS:

  • analysis of the personnel potential of the state and forecasting trends regarding changes in the structure of the professional composition;

  • analysis of quantitative indicators of national labor resources.

  • creation of typical information and software tools for effective management of an educational institution;

  • monitoring of educational institutions;

  • authentication of documents on education of the state model;

  • regulating the provision of benefits to pupils and students.

The developed information and production system of the «OSVITA» Institute includes a system for collecting data on individuals (including digital photos) using the Internet, a central data bank, and a production complex for the production and accounting of documents. Information security of the system is implemented using modern software and cryptographic tools, which allows to completely exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to information.

Automation systems of educational institutions are integral components of the «OSVITA» IAS: AS «Shkola», AS «Test», ASU «University».

"OSVITA" information system was implemented in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for informational and documentary support of the educational process. It covers all stages of education — from secondary school to higher education institutions, provides collection of personal data and centralized production of electronic school tickets, electronic student tickets and education documents. In 2000, the system’s operation resulted in the production and registration of more than 1.8 million documents on education in Ukraine. To date, the central bank contains information on more than 39 million documents and their owners.

Since the personal data of a person contained in the OSVITA system is used in the further life of a person in the state, the system should be closely connected not only with activities in the field of education, but also in the spheres of responsibility of other departments and administrative bodies of Ukraine: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The State Tax Administration of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport, regional and city state administrations. Currently, the principles of cooperation have been agreed and joint work is being carried out with the Ministry of Transport and the State Tax Administration of Ukraine. The result of this interaction is a system of accounting and reimbursement of benefits.

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