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AS «School»

Automated system «School» is a software and technology complex for effective management of a general educational institution

AS «School» automates all key processes of the educational institution:

  • educational and administrative activities

  • planning, organization and operational management of the educational process

  • bookkeeping

  • formation, exchange and printing of current, service, statistical information

  • exchange of information with education management bodies

  • issues of economic order

  • security of the educational institution (Automated customer information system «School»)

The system implements:

  • automatic filling, checking, editing of reports ZNZ-1, ZNZ-2, 76-RVK, 83-RVK and their derivative forms, based on information entered into the database

  • automatic generation of orders for the production of documents on education of the state model and student tickets

  • integration with the information space «My Education». AS «School» and «My Education»
    create a single informational and educational space for interactive interaction of all participants
    educational process: students, parents, teachers, school administration, education departments.

AS «School»There is a promotional offer, according to which students , whose schools use the information space «My Education», receive free access to two sets of tests on the portal «Applicant-2013». Students choose tests individually according to their own wishes.

A detailed description of the promotion is posted on the portal «Applicant-2013».

Directors of schools receive a reliable tool for prompt management decision-making and a modern management organization of an educational institution.

Methodists and deputy directors in the AS «School» system:

  • maintain databases on teachers, including information on certification, retraining and professional development courses, salaries;

  • effectively manage the school infrastructure (classrooms, specialized offices, etc.);

  • compile and monitor the educational plans of students, including individual;

  • draw up a schedule of lessons with a breakdown into classes and subgroups with fixing of educational classes.


  • maintain a student database;

  • enter students’ final grades into the database, work with report cards;

  • report on the results of the final control in accordance with the educational plans;

  • publish student performance ratings.

Advantages of AS «School»:

  • unique information protection technology in the system;

  • online informing of parents about the student’s educational process;

  • technology «Edited statistical reports»;

  • management and distribution of system access rights;

  • data exchange with IVS «Osvita»;

  • individual training, methodical guides, context reference;

  • regular updates and constant service support.


  1. The system has been actively operated and supported since 2005, the functionality of the system is expanded taking into account the wishes of educational institutions

  2. The product flexibly adapts to the individual needs of educational institutions thanks to universal and up-to-date guides made in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine

  3. The system is developed on the basis of a certified software and hardware complex of means of protection against unauthorized access, and in addition, in accordance with the law, the development and installation of the "Comprehensive information protection system

  4. The system is easy to operate, support does not require special training and complex hardware and software tools; thanks to an intuitive interface, user training is carried out in a short time

In addition to the above, it should be taken into account that the specialists of the PIT Research Institute have extensive experience in the development and administration of automated systems, such as the «OSVITA» and «Education» systems, which the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine uses in a single information system of the country’s education, the system is certified, which is confirmed by the necessary documents, and also recognized by many recommendations and awards

Sample of connection card to AS «School»