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School ticket

A school card is the first official document in a person’s life that inculcates responsibility, independence and discipline in a child. Ceremonial delivery of such a document on the «school line» has a positive effect on the child’s subconscious and will remain in memory for a lifetime.
The school card and electronic school card were created on the basis of modern technologies of the state system «IVS OSVITA» in 2008, and the procedure for ordering, issuing and accounting for it has been worked out in recent years.

The introduction of electronic school tickets / school tickets is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences by Order No. 1120 dated 09.12.2008.

The electronic school card functions as a document that:

  • confirms the student’s identity (there is also an opportunity to indicate his place of residence, blood group and Rh factor;

  • indicates the name, address and contact information of the educational institution in which he studies.

Possibilities of an electronic school ticket:

  • Protection of the educational institution against unauthorized access
    With the help of an electronic ticket, entrance to the educational institution is carried out, which limits the access of outsiders.

  • Providing transport benefits
    An electronic ticket is a document of a single model that certifies identity and entitles the student to discounted travel on the city passenger and metro trains.

  • Informing parents about their child’s school attendance
    The use of a student ticket allows you to record the time of a student’s stay on the school territory. This information is sent to the child’s parents using informative SMS messages.

  • Providing data for education management bodies
    The electronic student card is a reliable tool for monitoring the educational process. It is used to collect statistical data from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, regional, city and district education departments for the purpose of forecasting for the purpose of making management decisions in the field of education.

Thanks to the use of modern data protection tools, the information in the chip module is reliably protected from forgery and violation of its integrity.