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Student ID

The student and electronic student card was developed on the basis of modern technologies of the state system «IVS Education» in 2008, and in recent years the procedure for ordering, issuing and recording it has been worked out.

An electronic student card with an additional contactless chip module is a prototype of a social card that can be issued to all privileged categories of the population of Ukraine.

A contactless chip of the Mifare type, which performs the function of an information carrier, is embedded in the electronic student card. Thanks to the use of modern means of data protection, the information in the chip is reliably protected from forgery and violation of its integrity. In addition, the use of the electronic ticket is blocked in case of its loss or theft.

The electronic student card functions as a document that:

  • confirms the identity of the student;

  • indicates the name, address and contact information of the university where he studies.

An electronic student card is issued to a student after admission to a higher education institution / technical vocational school for the entire period of study, the validity period of the ticket can be extended with the help of an electronic student card chip. Continuation is carried out in the «Arm Student Registration» system or through the automated «University» system.

The electronic ticket is an element of the information and analytical system of accounting and reimbursement of benefits provided to students of higher educational institutions and students of vocational and technical schools.

Possibilities of an electronic student ticket:

  • Payment instrument
    The student card performs the function of a bank card, with which you can withdraw money from ATMs that support NSMEP, as well as pay for purchases.

  • Restriction of access of outsiders to educational institutions and dormitories of the campus
    With the help of an electronic student ticket, access to university buildings and the dormitory where the student lives is provided.

  • Granting benefits
    The electronic ticket is used as a travel document, which gives the student the right to discounted travel in city passenger, railway transport, intercity buses, as well as in the subway.

  • Reader ticket
    The student card can be used as a reader’s card in libraries.

In September 2010, the project «System of accounting and reimbursement of benefits» was launched, within the framework of which, with the help of an electronic student ticket, social benefits provided by students will be monitored, as well as their reimbursement from the State Budget of Ukraine.